Frequently Asked Questions about using RDFLib

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Questions about serializing

Which serialization method is the most efficient?

Currently, the “nt” output format uses the most efficient serialization; “rdf/xml” should also be efficient. You can serialize to these formats using code similar to the following:

myGraph.serialize(target_nt, format="nt")
myGraph.serialize(target_rdfxml, format="xml")

How can I use some of the abbreviated RDF/XML syntax?

Use the “pretty-xml” format argument to the serialize method:

myGraph.serialize(target_pretty, format="pretty-xml")

How can I control the binding of prefixes to XML namespaces when using RDF/XML?

Each graph comes with a NamespaceManager instance in the namespace_manager field; you can use the bind method of this instance to bind a prefix to a namespace URI:

myGraph.namespace_manager.bind('prefix', URIRef('scheme:my-namespace-uri:'))

Does RDFLib support serialization to the TriX format?

Yes, both parsing and serialising is supported:

graph.serialize(format="trix") and graph.load(source, format="trix")