Plugin parsersΒΆ

These serializers are available in default RDFLib, you can use them by passing the name to graph’s parse() method:

graph.parse(my_url, format='n3')

The html parser will auto-detect RDFa, HTurtle or Microdata.

It is also possible to pass a mime-type for the format parameter:

graph.parse(my_url, format='application/rdf+xml')

If you are not sure what format your file will be, you can use rdflib.util.guess_format() which will guess based on the file extension.

Name Class
html StructuredDataParser
hturtle HTurtleParser
mdata MicrodataParser
microdata MicrodataParser
n3 N3Parser
nquads NQuadsParser
nt NTParser
rdfa RDFaParser
rdfa1.0 RDFa10Parser
rdfa1.1 RDFaParser
trix TriXParser
turtle TurtleParser
xml RDFXMLParser