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Dirt Simple Events

A Dispatcher (or a subclass of Dispatcher) stores event handlers that
are 'fired' simple event objects when interesting things happen.

Create a dispatcher:

  >>> d = Dispatcher()

Now create a handler for the event and subscribe it to the dispatcher
to handle Event events.  A handler is a simple function or method that
accepts the event as an argument:

  >>> def handler1(event): print(repr(event))
  >>> d.subscribe(Event, handler1) # doctest: +ELLIPSIS
  < object at ...>

Now dispatch a new event into the dispatcher, and see handler1 get

  >>> d.dispatch(Event(foo='bar', data='yours', used_by='the event handlers'))
  < ['data', 'foo', 'used_by']>

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import Any, Dict, Optional

__all__ = ["Event", "Dispatcher"]

[docs]class Event: """ An event is a container for attributes. The source of an event creates this object, or a subclass, gives it any kind of data that the events handlers need to handle the event, and then calls notify(event). The target of an event registers a function to handle the event it is interested with subscribe(). When a sources calls notify(event), each subscriber to that event will be called in no particular order. """
[docs] def __init__(self, **kw): self.__dict__.update(kw)
[docs] def __repr__(self): attrs = sorted(self.__dict__.keys()) return "< %s>" % ([a for a in attrs],)
[docs]class Dispatcher: """ An object that can dispatch events to a privately managed group of subscribers. """ _dispatch_map: Optional[Dict[Any, Any]] = None
[docs] def set_map(self, amap: Dict[Any, Any]): self._dispatch_map = amap return self
[docs] def get_map(self): return self._dispatch_map
[docs] def subscribe(self, event_type, handler): """Subscribe the given handler to an event_type. Handlers are called in the order they are subscribed. """ if self._dispatch_map is None: self.set_map({}) # type error: error: Item "None" of "Optional[Dict[Any, Any]]" has no attribute "get" lst = self._dispatch_map.get(event_type, None) # type: ignore[union-attr] if lst is None: lst = [handler] else: lst.append(handler) # type error: Unsupported target for indexed assignment ("Optional[Dict[Any, Any]]") self._dispatch_map[event_type] = lst # type: ignore[index] return self
[docs] def dispatch(self, event): """Dispatch the given event to the subscribed handlers for the event's type""" if self._dispatch_map is not None: lst = self._dispatch_map.get(type(event), None) if lst is None: raise ValueError("unknown event type: %s" % type(event)) for l_ in lst: l_(event)