RDFLib Contributing Guide

Thank you for considering contributing to RDFLib. This project has no formal funding or full-time maintainers, and relies entirely on independent contributors to keep it alive and relevant.

Ways to contribute

Some ways in which you can contribute to RDFLib are:

  • Address open issues: GitHub issues

  • Fix expected failure tests.

  • Add additional expected failure tests for open issues: GitHub issues

  • Add tests for untested code: Coveralls branch

  • Review pull requests marked with the review wanted label.

  • Answer questions on Stack Overflow: Stack Exchange questions

  • Convert unittest based tests to pytest based tests: GitHub search query

  • Add, correct or improve docstrings: rtd latest

  • Update the RDFLib Wikipedia entry: Wikipedia: RDFLib

  • Update the RDFLib Wikidata entry: Wikidata: Q7276224

  • Participate on Gitter/Matrix chat: Gitter Matrix

  • Participate in GitHub discussions: GitHub Discussions

  • Fix flake8 failures.

Pull Requests

Contributions that involve changes to the RDFLib repository have to be made with pull requests and should follow the RDFLib developers guide.

For changes that add features or affect the public API of RDFLib, it is recommended to first open an issue to discuss the change before starting to work on it. That way you can get feedback on the design of the feature before spending time on it.

Code of Conduct

All contributions to the project should be consistent with the code of conduct adopted by RDFLib.