Source code for rdflib.extras.cmdlineutils

import codecs
import getopt
import sys
import time

import rdflib
from rdflib.util import guess_format

def _help():
        """ [-f <format>] [-o <output>] [files...]
Read RDF files given on STDOUT - does something to the resulting graph
If no files are given, read from stdin
-o specifies file for output, if not given stdout is used
-f specifies parser to use, if not given it is guessed from extension


[docs]def main(target, _help=_help, options="", stdin=True): """ A main function for tools that read RDF from files given on commandline or from STDIN (if stdin parameter is true) """ args, files = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], "hf:o:" + options) dargs = dict(args) if "-h" in dargs: _help() sys.exit(-1) g = rdflib.Graph() if "-f" in dargs: f = dargs["-f"] else: f = None if "-o" in dargs: sys.stderr.write("Output to %s\n" % dargs["-o"]) out =["-o"], "w", "utf-8") else: out = sys.stdout start = time.time() if len(files) == 0 and stdin: sys.stderr.write("Reading from stdin as %s..." % f) g.parse(sys.stdin, format=f) sys.stderr.write("[done]\n") else: size = 0 for x in files: if f is None: f = guess_format(x) start1 = time.time() sys.stderr.write("Loading %s as %s... " % (x, f)) g.parse(x, format=f) sys.stderr.write( "done.\t(%d triples\t%.2f seconds)\n" % (len(g) - size, time.time() - start1) ) size = len(g) sys.stderr.write( "Loaded a total of %d triples in %.2f seconds.\n" % (len(g), time.time() - start) ) target(g, out, args)