Source code for rdflib.namespace._DOAP

from rdflib.namespace import DefinedNamespace, Namespace
from rdflib.term import URIRef

[docs]class DOAP(DefinedNamespace): """ Description of a Project (DOAP) vocabulary The Description of a Project (DOAP) vocabulary, described using W3C RDF Schema and the Web Ontology Language. Generated from: Date: 2020-05-26 14:20:01.307972 """ _fail = True # audience: URIRef # Description of target user base blog: URIRef # URI of a blog related to a project browse: URIRef # Web browser interface to repository. category: URIRef # A category of project. created: URIRef # Date when something was created, in YYYY-MM-DD form. e.g. 2004-04-05 description: URIRef # Plain text description of a project, of 2-4 sentences in length. developer: URIRef # Developer of software for the project. documenter: URIRef # Contributor of documentation to the project. helper: URIRef # Project contributor. implements: URIRef # A specification that a project implements. Could be a standard, API or legally defined level of conformance. language: URIRef # ISO language code a project has been translated into license: URIRef # The URI of an RDF description of the license the software is distributed under. E.g. a SPDX reference location: URIRef # Location of a repository. maintainer: URIRef # Maintainer of a project, a project leader. module: URIRef # Module name of a Subversion, CVS, BitKeeper or Arch repository. name: URIRef # A name of something. os: URIRef # Operating system that a project is limited to. Omit this property if the project is not OS-specific. platform: URIRef # Indicator of software platform (non-OS specific), e.g. Java, Firefox, ECMA CLR release: URIRef # A project release. repository: URIRef # Source code repository. repositoryOf: URIRef # The project that uses a repository. revision: URIRef # Revision identifier of a software release. screenshots: URIRef # Web page with screenshots of project. shortdesc: URIRef # Short (8 or 9 words) plain text description of a project. tester: URIRef # A tester or other quality control contributor. translator: URIRef # Contributor of translations to the project. vendor: URIRef # Vendor organization: commercial, free or otherwise wiki: URIRef # URL of Wiki for collaborative discussion of project. # ArchRepository: URIRef # GNU Arch source code repository. BKRepository: URIRef # BitKeeper source code repository. BazaarBranch: URIRef # Bazaar source code branch. CVSRepository: URIRef # CVS source code repository. DarcsRepository: URIRef # darcs source code repository. GitBranch: URIRef # Git source code branch. GitRepository: URIRef # Git source code repository. HgRepository: URIRef # Mercurial source code repository. Project: URIRef # A project. Repository: URIRef # Source code repository. SVNRepository: URIRef # Subversion source code repository. Specification: URIRef # A specification of a system's aspects, technical or otherwise. Version: URIRef # Version information of a project release. # homepage: URIRef # URL of a project's homepage, associated with exactly one project. # Valid non-python identifiers _extras = [ "anon-root", "bug-database", "developer-forum", "download-mirror", "download-page", "file-release", "mailing-list", "programming-language", "service-endpoint", "support-forum", "old-homepage", ] _NS = Namespace("")