Source code for rdflib.namespace._RDF

from rdflib.namespace import DefinedNamespace, Namespace
from rdflib.term import URIRef

[docs]class RDF(DefinedNamespace): """ The RDF Concepts Vocabulary (RDF) This is the RDF Schema for the RDF vocabulary terms in the RDF Namespace, defined in RDF 1.1 Concepts. Generated from: Date: 2020-05-26 14:20:05.642859 dc:date "2019-12-16" """ _fail = True _underscore_num = True # nil: URIRef # The empty list, with no items in it. If the rest of a list is nil then the list has no more items in it. # direction: URIRef # The base direction component of a CompoundLiteral. first: URIRef # The first item in the subject RDF list. language: URIRef # The language component of a CompoundLiteral. object: URIRef # The object of the subject RDF statement. predicate: URIRef # The predicate of the subject RDF statement. rest: URIRef # The rest of the subject RDF list after the first item. subject: URIRef # The subject of the subject RDF statement. type: URIRef # The subject is an instance of a class. value: URIRef # Idiomatic property used for structured values. # Alt: URIRef # The class of containers of alternatives. Bag: URIRef # The class of unordered containers. CompoundLiteral: URIRef # A class representing a compound literal. List: URIRef # The class of RDF Lists. Property: URIRef # The class of RDF properties. Seq: URIRef # The class of ordered containers. Statement: URIRef # The class of RDF statements. # HTML: URIRef # The datatype of RDF literals storing fragments of HTML content JSON: URIRef # The datatype of RDF literals storing JSON content. PlainLiteral: URIRef # The class of plain (i.e. untyped) literal values, as used in RIF and OWL 2 XMLLiteral: URIRef # The datatype of XML literal values. langString: URIRef # The datatype of language-tagged string values _NS = Namespace("")