Source code for rdflib.plugins.serializers.trig

Trig RDF graph serializer for RDFLib.
See <> for syntax specification.

from collections import defaultdict

from rdflib.plugins.serializers.turtle import TurtleSerializer, _GEN_QNAME_FOR_DT, VERB

from rdflib.term import BNode, Literal

__all__ = ['TrigSerializer']

[docs]class TrigSerializer(TurtleSerializer): short_name = "trig" indentString = 4 * u' '
[docs] def __init__(self, store): if store.context_aware: self.contexts = list(store.contexts()) self.default_context = store.default_context.identifier if store.default_context: self.contexts.append(store.default_context) else: self.contexts = [store] self.default_context = None super(TrigSerializer, self).__init__(store)
[docs] def preprocess(self): for context in self.contexts: = context self.getQName(context.identifier) self._references = defaultdict(int) self._subjects = {} for triple in context: self.preprocessTriple(triple) self._contexts[context]=(self.orderSubjects(), self._subjects, self._references)
[docs] def reset(self): super(TrigSerializer, self).reset() self._contexts = {}
[docs] def serialize(self, stream, base=None, encoding=None, spacious=None, **args): self.reset() = stream self.base = base if spacious is not None: self._spacious = spacious self.preprocess() self.startDocument() firstTime = True for store, (ordered_subjects, subjects, ref) in self._contexts.items(): if not ordered_subjects: continue self._references = ref self._serialized = {} = store self._subjects = subjects if self.default_context and store.identifier==self.default_context: self.write(self.indent() + '\n{') else: if isinstance(store.identifier, BNode): iri = store.identifier.n3() else: iri = self.getQName(store.identifier) if iri is None: iri = store.identifier.n3() self.write(self.indent() + '\n%s {' % iri) self.depth += 1 for subject in ordered_subjects: if self.isDone(subject): continue if firstTime: firstTime = False if self.statement(subject) and not firstTime: self.write('\n') self.depth -= 1 self.write('}\n') self.endDocument() stream.write(u"\n".encode('ascii'))