Source code for rdflib.plugins.serializers.xmlwriter

import codecs
from xml.sax.saxutils import escape, quoteattr

__all__ = ["XMLWriter"]


[docs]class XMLWriter(object):
[docs] def __init__(self, stream, namespace_manager, encoding=None, decl=1, extra_ns=None): encoding = encoding or "utf-8" encoder, decoder, stream_reader, stream_writer = codecs.lookup(encoding) = stream = stream_writer(stream) if decl: stream.write('<?xml version="1.0" encoding="%s"?>' % encoding) self.element_stack = [] self.nm = namespace_manager self.extra_ns = extra_ns or {} self.closed = True
def __get_indent(self): return " " * len(self.element_stack) indent = property(__get_indent) def __close_start_tag(self): if not self.closed: # TODO: self.closed = True">")
[docs] def push(self, uri): self.__close_start_tag() write = write("\n") write(self.indent) write("<%s" % self.qname(uri)) self.element_stack.append(uri) self.closed = False self.parent = False
[docs] def pop(self, uri=None): top = self.element_stack.pop() if uri: assert uri == top write = if not self.closed: self.closed = True write("/>") else: if self.parent: write("\n") write(self.indent) write("</%s>" % self.qname(top)) self.parent = True
[docs] def element(self, uri, content, attributes={}): """Utility method for adding a complete simple element""" self.push(uri) for k, v in attributes.items(): self.attribute(k, v) self.text(content) self.pop()
[docs] def namespaces(self, namespaces=None): if not namespaces: namespaces = self.nm.namespaces() write = write("\n") for prefix, namespace in namespaces: if prefix: write(' xmlns:%s="%s"\n' % (prefix, namespace)) # Allow user-provided namespace bindings to prevail elif prefix not in self.extra_ns: write(' xmlns="%s"\n' % namespace) for prefix, namespace in self.extra_ns.items(): if prefix: write(' xmlns:%s="%s"\n' % (prefix, namespace)) else: write(' xmlns="%s"\n' % namespace)
[docs] def attribute(self, uri, value): write = write(" %s=%s" % (self.qname(uri), quoteattr(value)))
[docs] def text(self, text): self.__close_start_tag() if "<" in text and ">" in text and "]]>" not in text:"<![CDATA[")"]]>") else:, ESCAPE_ENTITIES))
[docs] def qname(self, uri): """Compute qname for a uri using our extra namespaces, or the given namespace manager""" for pre, ns in self.extra_ns.items(): if uri.startswith(ns): if pre != "": return ":".join([pre, uri[len(ns) :]]) else: return uri[len(ns) :] return self.nm.qname_strict(uri)