Source code for rdflib.plugins.sparql.processor

Code for tying SPARQL Engine into RDFLib

These should be automatically registered with RDFLib


from rdflib.plugins.sparql.algebra import translateQuery, translateUpdate
from rdflib.plugins.sparql.evaluate import evalQuery
from rdflib.plugins.sparql.parser import parseQuery, parseUpdate
from rdflib.plugins.sparql.sparql import Query
from rdflib.plugins.sparql.update import evalUpdate
from rdflib.query import Processor, Result, UpdateProcessor

[docs]def prepareQuery(queryString, initNs={}, base=None) -> Query: """ Parse and translate a SPARQL Query """ ret = translateQuery(parseQuery(queryString), base, initNs) ret._original_args = (queryString, initNs, base) return ret
[docs]def prepareUpdate(updateString, initNs={}, base=None): """ Parse and translate a SPARQL Update """ ret = translateUpdate(parseUpdate(updateString), base, initNs) ret._original_args = (updateString, initNs, base) return ret
[docs]def processUpdate(graph, updateString, initBindings={}, initNs={}, base=None): """ Process a SPARQL Update Request returns Nothing on success or raises Exceptions on error """ evalUpdate( graph, translateUpdate(parseUpdate(updateString), base, initNs), initBindings )
[docs]class SPARQLResult(Result):
[docs] def __init__(self, res): Result.__init__(self, res["type_"]) self.vars = res.get("vars_") self.bindings = res.get("bindings") self.askAnswer = res.get("askAnswer") self.graph = res.get("graph")
[docs]class SPARQLUpdateProcessor(UpdateProcessor):
[docs] def __init__(self, graph): self.graph = graph
[docs] def update(self, strOrQuery, initBindings={}, initNs={}): if isinstance(strOrQuery, str): strOrQuery = translateUpdate(parseUpdate(strOrQuery), initNs=initNs) return evalUpdate(self.graph, strOrQuery, initBindings)
[docs]class SPARQLProcessor(Processor):
[docs] def __init__(self, graph): self.graph = graph
[docs] def query(self, strOrQuery, initBindings={}, initNs={}, base=None, DEBUG=False): """ Evaluate a query with the given initial bindings, and initial namespaces. The given base is used to resolve relative URIs in the query and will be overridden by any BASE given in the query. """ if not isinstance(strOrQuery, Query): parsetree = parseQuery(strOrQuery) query = translateQuery(parsetree, base, initNs) else: query = strOrQuery return evalQuery(self.graph, query, initBindings, base)