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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
A commandline tool for parsing RDF in different formats and serializing the
resulting graph to a chosen format.

import logging
import sys
from optparse import OptionParser

import rdflib
from rdflib import plugin
from rdflib.graph import ConjunctiveGraph
from rdflib.parser import Parser
from rdflib.serializer import Serializer
from import Store
from rdflib.util import guess_format


[docs]def parse_and_serialize( input_files, input_format, guess, outfile, output_format, ns_bindings, store_conn="", store_type=None, ): if store_type: store = plugin.get(store_type, Store)() graph = ConjunctiveGraph(store) else: store = None graph = ConjunctiveGraph() for prefix, uri in ns_bindings.items(): graph.namespace_manager.bind(prefix, uri, override=False) for fpath in input_files: use_format, kws = _format_and_kws(input_format) if fpath == "-": fpath = sys.stdin elif not input_format and guess: use_format = guess_format(fpath) or DEFAULT_INPUT_FORMAT graph.parse(fpath, format=use_format, **kws) if outfile: output_format, kws = _format_and_kws(output_format) kws.setdefault("base", None) graph.serialize(destination=outfile, format=output_format, **kws) if store: store.rollback()
def _format_and_kws(fmt): """ >>> _format_and_kws("fmt") ('fmt', {}) >>> _format_and_kws("fmt:+a") ('fmt', {'a': True}) >>> _format_and_kws("fmt:a") ('fmt', {'a': True}) >>> _format_and_kws("fmt:+a,-b") #doctest: +SKIP ('fmt', {'a': True, 'b': False}) >>> _format_and_kws("fmt:c=d") ('fmt', {'c': 'd'}) >>> _format_and_kws("fmt:a=b:c") ('fmt', {'a': 'b:c'}) """ fmt, kws = fmt, {} if fmt and ":" in fmt: fmt, kwrepr = fmt.split(":", 1) for kw in kwrepr.split(","): if "=" in kw: k, v = kw.split("=") kws[k] = v elif kw.startswith("-"): kws[kw[1:]] = False elif kw.startswith("+"): kws[kw[1:]] = True else: # same as "+" kws[kw] = True return fmt, kws
[docs]def make_option_parser(): parser_names = _get_plugin_names(Parser) serializer_names = _get_plugin_names(Serializer) kw_example = "FORMAT:(+)KW1,-KW2,KW3=VALUE" oparser = OptionParser( "%prog [-h] [-i INPUT_FORMAT] [-o OUTPUT_FORMAT] " + "[--ns=PFX=NS ...] [-] [FILE ...]", description=__doc__.strip() + ( " Reads file system paths, URLs or from stdin if '-' is given." " The result is serialized to stdout." ), version="%prog " + "(using rdflib %s)" % rdflib.__version__, ) oparser.add_option( "-i", "--input-format", type=str, # default=DEFAULT_INPUT_FORMAT, help="Format of the input document(s)." " Available input formats are: %s." % parser_names + " If no format is given, it will be " + "guessed from the file name extension." + " Keywords to parser can be given after format like: %s." % kw_example, metavar="INPUT_FORMAT", ) oparser.add_option( "-o", "--output-format", type=str, default=DEFAULT_OUTPUT_FORMAT, help="Format of the graph serialization." " Available output formats are: %s." % serializer_names + " Default format is: '%default'." + " Keywords to serializer can be given after format like: %s." % kw_example, metavar="OUTPUT_FORMAT", ) oparser.add_option( "--ns", action="append", type=str, help="Register a namespace binding (QName prefix to a base URI). " "This can be used more than once.", metavar="PREFIX=NAMESPACE", ) oparser.add_option( "--no-guess", dest="guess", action="store_false", default=True, help="Don't guess format based on file suffix.", ) oparser.add_option( "--no-out", action="store_true", default=False, help="Don't output the resulting graph " + "(useful for checking validity of input).", ) oparser.add_option( "-w", "--warn", action="store_true", default=False, help="Output warnings to stderr (by default only critical errors).", ) return oparser
def _get_plugin_names(kind): return ", ".join( for p in plugin.plugins(kind=kind))
[docs]def main(): oparser = make_option_parser() opts, args = oparser.parse_args() if len(args) < 1: oparser.print_usage() oparser.exit() if opts.warn: loglevel = logging.WARNING else: loglevel = logging.CRITICAL logging.basicConfig(level=loglevel) ns_bindings = {} if opts.ns: for ns_kw in opts.ns: pfx, uri = ns_kw.split("=") ns_bindings[pfx] = uri outfile = sys.stdout.buffer if opts.no_out: outfile = None parse_and_serialize( args, opts.input_format, opts.guess, outfile, opts.output_format, ns_bindings )
if __name__ == "__main__": main()